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Here’s a few questions that ever charity should be asked:


What is your organization’s mission?

To simply state it, our mission is to provide education, awareness, and action.  You can’t have change of any sort if there is no awareness, and no awareness without education.

What are your organization’s goals?

Our goals will change based on the needs of the population we serve.  That being said, the immediate need is for communities to understand that it is ok to get help.  For this to happen we need to establish relationships with community leaders, pillars, religious houses of worship of all kinds, and businesses.

We need to keep families safe and together.  Some families need secured emergency housing.  Many of the shelters out there cater to women.  What happens when you have a 16 year old son?  You may not be able to secure emergency housing because of his sex and age.  What happens if you have more than one son?  What if you are an older man seeking help from an abusive spouse?  Our goal is to provide housing that keep families together that are in a position to be able to support one another.

What progress is your organization making towards its goals?

We are amongst the first in Central Florida to provide domestic violence outreach in the Middle Eastern and Muslim communities, resulting in many people from these communities expressing interest on how they can help.  This is a huge accomplishment for us because it means we are definitely doing something right.

What sources are available to increase my confidence in your work?

We provide transparency with every penny.  Every donor receives our a Purple Leaf Donor Package (PLDP).  The PLDP contains our organization’s: audited financial statement and an audit of how your donations have helped to the penny.

Once we have our financials officially audited as a non-profit by the IRS, we will include the IRS Form 990.  Form 990 is a United States Internal Revenue Service form that provides the public with financial information about a nonprofit organization.