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Bicycle Donation Program

Donate a Bicycle!

With the Christmas season coming to an end, it’s almost time for spring cleaning.  You may have received a new bicycle for Christmas.  For those getting a jump start on spring cleaning, you may have noticed bicycles sitting there taking up space that you haven’t used in years. Whatever the case may be, please consider making a donation to our Bicycle Donation Program.


Why Bicycle Donation?

For those living check to check, obtaining or even maintaining a job may not be easy without transportation.  Florida isn’t exactly known for its transportation.  Maintaining a bicycle is much cheaper than maintaining a car.  It does not require a license or insurance, isn’t affected by gas prices, and traffic & parking is never an issue.  For far distances, busses and commuter trains generally have bicycle accommodations.

Once the bike goes to a family in need, we will teach them how to maintain and perform basic repairs such as tube changes.  They will always have the option of contacting The Purple Leaf Foundation for assistance.

Before throwing out that unwanted bicycle, consider donating your bike to The Purple Leaf Foundation.


My Bike is in Really Bad Shape.

It doesn’t matter the condition of the bicycle, we have volunteer bike mechanics that will restore the bicycle to working condition and donate it to a family in need.  Our goal is to help families obtain accessible transportation.


Do You Accept New Bikes or Bike Parts?

We do.  In any condition – new, used, parts, accessories, etc.

What to expect?

Once we’ve scheduled a pickup appointment, we will come to you and pick up the bicycle.  We will give you a receipt and that’s it.  Your bicycle will go to any one of our community or domestic violence families in need.  Unless you decide to remain anonymous, we will thank you on our website and social media for helping your community.


Contact us today to schedule a pickup by emailing us at [email protected] or going to our Contact Us page on our website.