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A community is made up of various people from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity, languages, and religions.  Domestic violence effects people of all communities.  It effects not only our homes, our relationships with family and friends, our workplace, our schools.  It’s a community problem.

There are gaps in which ethnic populations fall through when it comes to social services stemming anywhere from a stigma to awareness.  People are often concerned with confidentiality, especially in small ethnic communities where everyone knows one another.  Whatever the reason, it starts with education and awareness.

While some people grow in households unaware that they are surrounded by various forms of domestic violence, others may feel they have no resources to get the help they need, they feel stuck.

Our mission is to build bridges in these communities, filling the gaps where populations are often neglected.  Our objective is to educate, raise awareness, and provide help in the form of action.